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In order to investigate your software piracy report, you will need to provide the name and address of the company being reported, what software is being pirated, and how you know the software is pirated. All information provided to us will be kept confidential. Contact us on email

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    To dispel misconceptions about software license compliance, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the subject.

    If your hardware provider purchased an operating system for you, loaded, authorized and registered it to you – it’s legal. However, if your hardware provider’s software was loaded on to your machine – it’s illegal.

    There are several ways to verify the authenticity of your software.
    Check to whom your software is registered. Press Help > About Photoshop (or the name of your software). You will immediately see to whom the software is licensed and the product ID number. However, if the serial number is 123-45678900 or 000-00000000, it is illegal.
    In EMEA region, software vendors sell their software through a channel of authorized resellers.
    These resellers can be found on respective vendor’s websites.
    Ownership of software isn’t transferable. It can only be used by the person/company to whom it is registered. Someone can’t sell you second-hand software. For example, companies that sell old computers to their staff should remove all software from the machines. According to the regulations, the new owners should purchase and install their own software.
    Many illegal users believe they are doing nothing wrong, but using illegal software is theft. If you believe it’s wrong to steal, then don’t use illegal software. KECOBO is the organization mandated to enforce (together with the vendor) the law on proper user of licenses.
    Yes, as long as you are the only user. You would have a ‘floating’ license, which would give you, and only you, access to one of your machines at a time.
    Predominantly because using illegal software is theft. If you believe that theft is wrong then don’t use illegal software. The legal costs and bad publicity you’ll incur when you are caught outweigh the initial cost of the software.
    Help us combat software piracy by reporting an illegal software product user.
    All information is treated with anonymity.